Treating Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

If you’ve used our Canestest self-test kit or if you’ve been diagnosed by your doctor and you know you have bacterial vaginosis (BV), you can use an internal gel to treat the symptoms of the infection. These internal gels, such as Canesbalance BV Gel, work by helping to regulate the pH balance of your vagina.

Canesbalance provides triple benefit, relieving unpleasant odour and abnormal discharge, restricting the growth of bad bacteria and supporting good bacteria.

It is a 7-day treatment that starts to soothe your symptoms in just 2-3 days. It’s easy to use, providing you with handy and hygienic applicator tubes.

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Thrush vs. BV

Many women mistake BV for thrush, but the symptoms and causes are different. BV is caused by a bacterial infection whereas thrush is caused by a yeast infection. You can find out which infection you have in 10 seconds with our innovative and reliable Canestest self-test for vaginal infections so you can use the right treatment for whichever infection you’re suffering from.

Be confident and choose the right treatment!

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Young Female considering Thrush prevention

Can't shake it?

Canesflor vaginal probiotics may be the solution you’re looking for if your BV infection keeps coming back. Learn more about Canesflor.