Canesfresh Gentle Refreshing Mousse

Canesfresh Gentle Refreshing Mousse

Canesfresh Gentle Refreshing Mousse

This luxuriously soft feminine wash has been specially designed for everyday use. It gently but effectively cleans your intimate area and helps you to maintain a natural pH balance.

Canesfresh Gentle Refreshing Mousse is a feminine wash specially developed to refresh and care for your intimate area every day. It helps to keep the microflora of the skin of your intimate area in a healthy balance by maintaining the natural pH.

  • Luxuriously soft mousse with lactic acid & calming lotus extract
  • Contains pro-vitamin B5 for extra moisturising
  • Enriched with lipids which contribute to a healthy skin barrier
  • dermatologically tested
  • Hypoallergenic, free of preservatives & colourants

“I have never used a feminine wash before but I was pleasantly surprised with Canesfresh. It's very gentle and fresh...and feels cleaner than using just an ordinary body wash. Has a very fresh smell! Would buy again!”

How to use?

Use Canesfresh Gentle Refreshing Mousse as you would use soap or shower gel: dilute with a little water, apply by hand or with a clean sponge, and cleanse the whole area. Afterwards, rinse off thoroughly with water.


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