Your vagina contains good bacteria and microorganisms, known as your vaginal flora, which maintain the natural, healthy balance of your vagina. The most common bacteria are called lactobacilli and any disruption to the level of lactobacilli in your vagina can cause infections such as thrush or bacterial vaginosis BV.

Many factors can affect the levels of your lactobacilli, including changes to your vagina’s pH balance, hormonal changes and even the type of clothes or underwear you wear. Many of these situations are unavoidable, but using vaginal probiotics can help you maintain healthy levels of lactobacilli.

Your vagina and lactobacilli

Probiotics are known to be beneficial for your gastrointestinal health and similarly, vaginal probiotics can help to improve or maintain your vaginal health. They are especially helpful if you suffer from frequent vaginal infections such as thrush and BV, helping to deliver more of the good lactobacilli bacteria directly into your vagina.


Canesflor Probiotics for Vaginal Use

Canesflor is a vaginal probiotic – it restores the natural environment in your vagina, and re-establishes healthy vaginal microflora. Not only does Canesflor deliver lactobacilli directly to the source of your infection, the particular strain of lactobacilli in Canesflor (Lactobacillus plantarum P 17630 VI) was chosen for its clinically proven ability to create a protective barrier over vaginal walls, which helps to prevent bad bacteria from developing and can help prevent thrush from coming back.

If you’ve suffered from frequent vaginal yeast or bacterial infections over a long period, Canesflor may be the product you’ve been looking for that can help prevent thrush or BV from returning.

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