What Is Ringworm?

Ringworm of the skin (medically known as tinea corporis) is a fungal infection of the top layer of your skin, caused by a group of fungi called dermatophytes. Ringworm has nothing to do with worms, instead the name comes from the red ring-like rash that can form on your torso, arms and legs.

The rashes on your skin are characteristically circular and red or appear as silvery patches. They can be scaly and itchy, and the rings usually spread outwards as they progress while the centre may heal and go back to a normal colour.

Ringworm is contagious and it can spread easily between contaminated objects (like towels or clothing), contact with other people or infected pets or farm animals. Sometimes you can catch ringworm after prolonged contact with infected soil. It can also spread from and to other parts of your body. Learn about different precautions you can take to prevent this spread here.

Young couple walking during summer months preventing sweat rash

Ouch! Ringworm is a fungal skin infection.

The fungi that causes it can enter the body through a scratch or a cut, or if you have broken skin.