Treating Fungal Nail Infections

If you have a fungal nail infection it can be uncomfortable, embarrassing and even painful, but if you tackle it early on it’s easier to get rid of the infection.

Canespro is the shortest treatment towards healthy nails*. Canespro urea ointment is clinically proven to soften the infected part of the nail only. Then, the infected part can be gradually removed, showing visible results in just 2-3 weeks.* The set also includes special plasters to cover and protect the nail while you’re using the urea ointment.

Find out more about Canespro Fungal Nail Treatment Set here.

85% of nail infections occur under the nail plate, on the nail bed. Get to the main root of the infection with Canespro.

When should you see your doctor?

You should consult your doctor if you see a green-yellowish or black pigmentation of your nail or underneath your nail. If you suffer from diabetes or if you’re pregnant, seek advice from your doctor before starting any treatment. *After treating with Canespro, a follow-up treatment with an antifungal cream is recommended. Speak to your pharmacist for advice.

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Customer review

“I’ve been trying for 2 years now to get rid of my fungal nail but nothing has worked. I’ve seen Canespro on TV so I decided to try and up to now the results are great! Within a couple of days I could see a massive difference, and now it has nearly cleared on my nail. I would definitely recommend this product.”